The Functional Roles of IT in Supply Chain Management

Apart from the above-mentioned basic roles, there are three functional roles of IT in supply chain management. These are: 1. Transaction execution When information flows efficiently between the participants of the supply chain, the number of transactions between them is reduced. IT increases the eff

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How Does Information Technology Affect Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is all about producing the right product in the right quantity and sending them to the right place at the right time. It seems simple, but it can quickly become complicated. The supply chain starts with the supplies. With reliable supply chain software that allows real-time i

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Logistics 4.0 and Smart Supply Chain Management

Logistics 4.0 and Supply Chain Management 4.0 or smart supply chain management concern the various aspects of end-to-end logistics and supply chain management in the context of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, emerging technologies, advanced data analytics, and (semi-)au

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How to Reduce Risks in Cold Chain Management

It’s no secret that cold chain assurance will cost you, but how can you run a lean cold chain while still mitigating the risks? The key to dealing with unforeseen challenges is to prepare, plan ahead, and have enough contingencies, as well as a robust risk management strategy in place, supported b

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Things That Can Go Wrong Despite Cold Chain Risk Management

A Cold Chain doesn’t have it easy. It needs to deal with all the usual things that trip up most supply chains AND then deal with its own unique set of problems — all without losing its cool. Yet, most of the things that can put your cold chain at risk can be bucketed into […]

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BRASI opened its doors to individuals and businesses for training and development in 1981. We have been offering extensive and well-planned courses in the field of economics, supply chain, and operations management.

BRASI Courses
CISCOM – Certified in Supply Chain and Operations Management

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CSCF – Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

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CFPM – Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

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CIFA – Certificate in Finance & Accounting

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CSTL – Certificate in Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

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CPCM – Certificate in Procurement & Contract Management

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