Supply Chain Certification’s Value in Your Resume

Why you should consider supply chain certification?

A supply chain certification demonstrates your commitment to excellence in the field of supply chain management. This includes demonstrating your ability to identify and solve issues within the supply chain. You will also learn how to manage risks associated with the supply chain.

Here is why you should consider Supply Chain Certification:

  1. While your college degree qualifies you to apply for a job, it is your professional training and certification that distinguishes you from the others.
  2. Training connects you to other professionals, helping you build a network of your own, which can be helpful in continuous learning and career advancement.
  3. The insight you gain by reviewing training materials with industry professionals brings confidence and raises the level of your expertise.

Know your passion:

Do you like to analyze and assess data, prepare reports, and run simulations to support decision-making? Or, you would rather make decisions and lead teams? Both are important, however, they take different mindsets and personalities. Pick what inspires you, because you are best at what never tires you!

What is a good time to start?

It is now! Businesses are always looking for people with the right skill set.

BRASI offers training courses for various levels and topics in supply chain management: Demand forecasting, supplier relationship management, procurement, logistics, and more.

Select the course that meets your needs and get Supply Chain Certification to keep building your expertise.

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