Make Stay-At-Home Work For You

  • Date Icon January 23, 2020
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As the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic, many are working from home, and have some extra time on their hands.

How do you spend this extra time? Watching the news and worrying about the impending disease?

It is important to stay informed, and also the best thing that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from exposure to this virus.

Here are some tips to make the best of your time at home:

  1. Avoid negative news. While it is important to keep informed, too much indulgence, especially in negative commentaries, can bring down your spirits, and drain the energy that you need to cope with the already challenging times.
  2. Play your favorite indoor games, exercise, talk to friends and family and watch informative, light programs on TV and social media channels.
  3. Pick up a hobby or complete that project that you have been thinking about.
  4. Unless you have significant investment in stocks, don’t let the market news raise your blood pressure. Just make sure that your current and short-term finances are taken care of under the current circumstances.
  5. Remember, you are the only blue-chip stock that you own. An investment in yourself will never disappoint you. It will be yours forever and will make a real difference in your life.
  6. The world is talking about supply chains. And rightly so. Supply chains must continue to function in order to put food on our tables and provide all other necessities that make up our livelihood.
  7. Learn what a supply chain is, and how to manage it in the most efficient manner. Employers are increasingly looking for trained and certified individuals in supply chain management.
  8. Get the skills the world wants – receive your CISCOM – the only accredited professional certificate in supply chain and operations management within three months!
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The next course will begin on May 23, 2020. Positions are limited – register at Discount in fee is available pertaining to the current pandemic situation – we want our professional colleagues to make the best of this big opportunity.

And of course, stay safe and healthy.

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